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Netfloat Pond Protector – Rectangular Best for Large Fish Ponds


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Best for large or square/recangular ponds

Pack of 10 – covers approx 3.5m (11 ft) of pond perimeter

Buy two packs of pond protector net rings (40) for £55.98 (that’s just £27.99 each pack of 20).

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Fish in ponds are seemingly irresistible to herons and cats, but pond netting or wire mesh over the top (and the frame to support it) can rather detract from the rest of your garden.

A better alternative is these new interlocking pond protector net mats, which float unobtrusively on the surface – making them virtually invisible from a few feet away – and are easily cut to shape around plants or other obstacles.

Each pond protector net mat measures 14½x27½”, and a pack of 10 covers approximately 11 ft (3.5 linear metres) of the pond perimeter when laid out as shown.

See also our Circular Netfloat Pond Protectors Rings – perfect for the pond that’s round or irregular-shaped.


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