The Invisible Deterrent

Made from heavy yet pliable black plastic, Netfloat allows pond plants to grow through the netting. Interlocking pieces ensure Netfloat stays in place without bunching up or tangling.  In place the Netfloat rings are unobtrusive and almost invisible, you will forget they are there.

Heron and other wildlife like cats simply can’t reach your valuable fish. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, they will know that there are no easy pickings in your fish pond.


Stop spending your cash on feeding heron expensive fish from your garden pond and start enjoying your fish pond again with pond netting from Netfloat.  The rings can be installed in less than a quarter of an hour. It’s a simple and straightforward process and just about anyone can do it!

It is easy to install, unobtrusive, and comes with everything you need to install it.  An inexpensive, innovative and easy to remove for this fish pond maintenence.

Wildlife Friendly

Unlike other regular pond netting that gets tangled up and can pose a threat to herons or other wild/domestic animals that become tangled in it, or netting that lies over your pond, destroying the look and serenity. Netfloat pond netting is nearly invisible and will not tangle.

One of the best things about Netfloat net rings is that you only need to cover the outside edge of your garden pond for them to be effective, leaving the centre open and allowing you a clear unhindered view of your fish.

Ask the Expert – Helen Yemm, Daily Telegraph Gardening

telegraph-gardening-heron-fish-pond-netsI recently had a problem with a heron taking fish from my pond. Surfing the Internet, I came across a product called Netfloat (Heron Fish Pond Protection). I’ve now used this product on my pond. The advantage of the netfloat system is that it covers around the edge of a pond only, leaving the centre free. The rings are unobtrusive, unlike conventional netting and I found that it was really easy and quick to install. It’s a very simple and unique product which, so far, has kept the pesky heron at bay!

Helen Yemm
Daily Telegraph Gardening

Chris Casburn, Sylvatica Garden Design

“As a garden designer, I needed a heron deterrent that would look good all year round. After losing 13 fish, the Netfloats have stopped further losses. The heron still comes to visit but – I’m glad to say – goes away hungry. A simple and stylish solution to an age-old problem.”

Chris Casburn
Sylvatica Garden Design