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Pond nets specifically designed to act as pond protection

Pond nets specifically designed to act as pond protection

The heron is a beautiful and graceful creature that lives in all parts of the world. These wonderful birds are very distinctive due to their long, stick like legs and elegant and impressive wingspan. It is an absolute thrill to see these birds up close or take a picture of one. Unfortunately, to those of us who own a garden pond, they are also a menace and an expense that we just cannot afford in today’s economy. Pond protection is a top priority thanks to these fish thieves. One minute, they are moving gracefully across the sky and landing in your garden, giving you the kind of thrill that only comes with experiencing nature up close. The next, they are tearing into your expensive koi or goldfish.

Now we go from feeling honoured to be in the presence of such beautiful creatures to slinging rocks and expletives at the foul and insidious monsters. How, you might ask, can someone like me, who loves nature and animals, feel such malevolence towards such a graceful bird?  Well, let’s see how you feel when you have spent hundreds of pounds on garden pond fish only to see them wiped out before your very eyes by a ravenous heron.

I’d tried many ways of keeping my pond safe from herons and had thought that pond netting would not be effective until I finally bought some from Netfloat.  I’d used decoys and twirly spinners that had no other effect but to give the pesky herons a really good chuckle. I set up speakers and blasted music every time the herons showed up but apparently, herons like to have music with their meals. Either that, or they do not have eardrums!  I had the music up so loud that the fish were ready to sacrifice themselves to the heron. It had no adverse effect on them except perhaps make them hungrier.

Just as I had begun to build the moat around our garden pool and begin planning the catapults, my wife suggested that we try the Netfloat mats as a means of pond protection. At first, I scoffed, thinking this would not be an effective deterrent for the herons. The thing is, they never saw the nets coming. The Netfloat mats are nearly invisible in the water. They fit so perfectly, you would think they were built as part of the pond. Now, the fish stay safe as the herons try to figure out why they cannot get their beaks into the water.