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Keep Your Pond Protected from Fish Attacks with Pond Netting

Keep Your Pond Protected from Fish Attacks with Pond Netting

Having a pond can hugely contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your garden but it involve some dedication and genuine interest to create a successful water garden.  You need to take responsibility for maintenance and must particularly be concerned with the fish that you have in it.  Pond netting is one of the best solutions to maintain cleanliness as well as protecting from fish attacks by predators.

Falling leaves and other debris can contaminate pond water leading to the death of your fish so keeping the water clear of rubbish is an important part of the cleaning regime.  However, the biggest problem is the pond predators that can rob your pond of all your fish.  These include herons, cats and rats. The different colours of your fish are a big factor that motivates them to raid your pond of your fish.  Hence, it is necessary that you take action to protect your fish in order not to lose them.

Here are a few steps to keep your pond safe from attacks.

  • Structure your pond well.  A quarter of your pond should be 3 feet deep and should have steep sides.
  • Mount motion detection lights to frighten these marauders.
  • Create a scarecrow or a decoy.  You can have owls, snakes, crocodiles and dogs to scare these predators but you have to move them about so it will look as if they are real.  A crocodile decoy is a good ploy for they can look very real in the pond.
  • Make a shelter out of old pots and stones and have some floating plants for the fish to hide amongst.
  • Have some fake fish to divert the attention of predators.  This will give your fish a chance to escape and hide.
  • You can also use a sprinkler system that will automatically sprinkle water once it detects any movements in the area.
  • Lastly, use a net to cover your pond.  Pond netting may lessen the aesthetic appeal of your pond but it is not only a very effective tool in protecting your pond from fish attacks but also from leaves and falling debris.