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Pond netting designed to deter herons

Pond netting designed to deter herons

It is time to feed the fish in your garden pond. Imagine your surprise when you go out to the garden and find a large bird by the edge of your pond enjoying what is left of your expensive Koi! Netfloat provides you with the type of pond netting Herons hate.  Practically invisible and made from durable, weather resistant plastic, these nets will protect your precious fish from predators for many years to come.

Everyday your pond is left unprotected from heron can mean money down the drain.

The time and expense you put into building and stocking the fish pond is wasted when you consider the extra cost of replacing all the fish that one Heron can consume within a matter of minutes.  Your fish sanctuary, meant for your enjoyment, could be at the mercy of wildlife unless it is protected with pond netting from Netfloat.

Ornamental ponds stocked with fish attract everything from heron to ordinary house cats, all hungry for fish. They keep returning as long as there are fish on the menu.  The mess left behind is unsightly and unsanitary.  Very often, when a heron visits your pond, it’s not just the fish that are ruined.  Herons very often pierce the pond liner with their beaks as they are dipping for fish.  This means that not only do you need to replace your fish; you may also have to replace your pond liner as well – a long, arduous job that you would be better off avoiding if at all possible.

Pond netting is an easy and effective way to protect your pond. The interlocking material constructed from black plastic is closely knit to prevent predators from entering the pond and gaining access to your fish.  Fish will be safe and secure once you spend the time to install this easy-to-use deterrent.

Made of lightweight material, Netfloat mat or ring installation is quick and hassle free. It is virtually undetectable and will not become tangled or knot up.  When it’s time to clean out the pond or perform other maintenance jobs, Netfloat pond netting can be removed quickly and then popped back into place when you’ve finished.

Installation is quick and easy and within minutes your pond is ready to repel all unwanted guests. Netfloat pond netting is affordable and available to fit any size of pond. No more worries, our netting is 100 % safe for fish and plants leaving your pond clean and pest free.

Admiring the wildlife from a distance can be pleasing once again. Why not join the millions of satisfied pond owners, stop bothersome heron from invading your space with the Pond netting herons hate. The pond in your garden will once again become a calm and enjoyable place for you to sit and watch your Koi and goldfish as they swim around safe from harm.