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Pond net covers to act as a heron deterrent

Pond net covers to act as a heron deterrent

Over ten thousand satisfied customers can’t be wrong. Pond net covers from Netfloat are the absolute best option when it comes to protecting the contents of your garden pond. If you have ever had to replace the fish in your pond you’ll know what an expensive hassle that can be. Japanese Koi and goldfish are not cheap. Let’s face it, if you wanted to feed the heron, you would purchase a can of sardines, not a two hundred pound Koi. Pond netting is the most cost effective way to protect your swimming investment.

A Serene Place to Meditate

A garden pond is supposed to be a tranquil place that you use for stress relief and quiet times in your garden. Many people go through great expense and time to create a beautiful and serene garden pond, stock it with fish, and hope to enjoy it without being hassled by wildlife stealing their stock. Unfortunately, with the heron population explosion of the last decade, it is almost inevitable that if you stock your garden pond, the heron will come and feed. Other wildlife will also treat your garden pond like a free buffet. They just cannot help it.

We All Love Wildlife

It isn’t even that you do not want the heron to come. Everyone enjoys an occasional visit from the local wildlife. So how do you protect your fish without actually harming the heron or other animals who do not know any better than to try to grab a quick and easy meal? For many people, pond netting has proven to be a safe and effective means of deterrent. Unlike other netting that gets tangled up and can pose a threat to any animal that becomes tangled in it, or netting that lies over your pond, destroying the look and serenity, Netfloat pond netting is nearly invisible and will not tangle.

The Invisible Deterrent

Made from heavy yet pliable black plastic, Netfloat netting allows your pond plants to grow through the netting. The pieces interlock so that they stay where you put them without bunching up or tangling. Heron and other wildlife like cats simply can’t reach your valuable fish. They may come around every so often to try, but after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, they will know that there are no easy pickings in your pond.


This means that you protect your fish with pond net covers and still get to enjoy the local wildlife. Your fish are safe, the animals will not be harmed and your pond looks great. Stop spending your cash on feeding heron expensive fish from your garden pool and start enjoying your pond again with pond netting from Netfloat. It is easy to install, unobtrusive, and comes with everything you need to install it. It is also inexpensive and easy to remove when you need to perform garden pool maintenance.