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Pond fish protection specifically designed to work as a heron deterrent

Pond fish protection specifically designed to work as a heron deterrent

The desire to have a pond in the garden has increased in recent years because of the comfort and peace that it can bring.  Apart from a sight to behold in the garden, ponds also offer a relaxing ambience.  Just watching your fish swim can eliminate the stress of a busy day and calm down your senses.  Nevertheless, you must also be aware that there are dangers around that can destroy your fish and damage your pond.  Herons are one of these dangers, hungry predators waiting to attack your fish unexpectedly.  In order to discourage herons from eating all your fish, you need to have a pond fish protection scheme specifically designed for herons.

Various measures can be adopted to protect your pond fish from these hungry herons.

Your pond must not be too shallow; it should be more than 3 feet deep.

Surround your pond with a small fence.  This will discourage the heron as the fence will obstruct its way into the pond.

Get your dog to watch over your pond 24 hours every day and train him to drive herons away.

Have a plastic heron.  Herons are territorial creatures and they are reluctant to visit a pond once another heron has occupied that area.   You can also get a sprinkler scarecrow, a device with a motion sensor which sprays water when it detects nearby movements.

Create a rock shelter where your fish can hide from herons.  You can make use of pipes or have some floating plants or lily pads.  These provide good hiding places for your fish.

If these measures seem to be quite complicated or expensive for you, you can implement the easiest and simplest fish pond protection by installing pond nets.  This must not be confused with the ordinary fishing nets, as they are made of a different material and come in different sizes, shapes and types.  Pond fish protection through the use of pond netting is the easiest and most inexpensive method of deterring herons from invading your pond.