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Nets for ponds specifically designed to work as a heron deterrent

Nets for ponds specifically designed to work as a heron deterrent

In their own element herons are beautifully majestic birds with long legs and make a distinctively loud noise similar to a barking dog. With radiant plumage and a variety of colours these birds are known to grow quite large and make their homes along inlet waterways but are also very much at home anywhere they can find freshwater feeding grounds, including in your garden or garden pond. Herons are very family oriented and tend to cluster together when roosting for safety, their favored places being trees near feeding grounds. Often mistaken for storks and cranes, heron can be found in almost every part of the globe and once they find a specific feeding area they are difficult to get rid of.

Nets for ponds provide the perfect remedy to pond invasions and will keep your fish well protected.

Spring and summer are wonderful times of the year to explore the wonders of Mother Nature. Everywhere her abundance is in full display for our admiration. Who among us could not appreciate the wonderful scenery or smells and sounds of nature? So much so they we endeavour to bring a little piece of this serenity into our homes. Depending on the time of year, we seek to enjoy the beautiful foliage and admire the changing colors of the seasons. In the meadows and woods the atmosphere is alive with flora and fauna galore; birds of every species gather to drink from the streams and forage for food.

Our garden pond seems to be just what the doctor ordered. After countless hours of preparation our creation is finally completed and we are ready to enjoy the fruits of our labour
then an unfamiliar noise and the flutter of wings descend upon us. Our uninvited dinner guest, the heron is intent on making our pond fish his main course and nothing seems to discourage him from returning time and again. Herons are very messy feeders and don’t know the meaning of cleanliness and, to add insult to injury, they forget their manners leaving debris and droppings everywhere, a nasty clean up job.

If you have tried all the rest now its time to get the best and get serious about your pest problem!
Deterring Herons and other menacing animals can be done successfully without chemicals or harsh treatments and without interfering with the beauty of your pond.

Our nets for ponds are chemical free and environmentally safe for fish and plant life and solves your pest problems quickly and successfully. Made of black plastic and adjustable to any pond size and shape, our product can be installed for top or bottom use within minutes, allowing the fish free movement and visibility to the floating flora allowing both to flourish. The protective netting is unseen and prevents predatory intervention. Pool clean up is quick and convenient and your pond will remain pest free and beautiful for many years of enjoyment.