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Pond nets for the purpose of being a heron deterrent

Pond nets for the purpose of being a heron deterrent

To the foraging heron, your garden pond is an easy meal waiting to happen. If you have ever heard the phrase “It is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel,” then you know what we mean. Unless you have some kind of Heron Deterrent, heron and other predators will visit again and again to feast on your expensive fish. Using Netfloat pond netting is the best way to deter predators from using your garden pond as a free meal ticket.

  • Netfloat pond netting works to deter heron and other animals without harming them.
  • Netfloat netting is very easy to use and can be installed in your garden pond in minutes
  • Netfloat pond netting comes in two styles, rectangle mats for large or square/rectangular shaped garden ponds and rings for smaller or oddly shaped garden ponds
  • Netfloat pond netting works for thousands of satisfied customers

One of the most unique features of Netfloat pond netting is its ability to protect your garden pond without harming the wildlife. Unlike other pond netting, it will not tangle up or drift if it is not stretched taut. Made from durable plastic, it is easy to install and easy to remove for regular pond cleaning or maintenance. It can be easily cut to fit any pond shape or size, yet is strong and durable so that predators cannot break it.

Our floating net rings and mats are much less obtrusive than conventional netting which means that it does not take away from the beauty of your garden pond. In fact, it is hardly visible at all since you only need to cover the edges of your pond. It is easily cut out for pond growth and pond decor.

Netfloat comes in these convenient package sizes for both small and large ponds-

  • One pack of ten rectangular mats measuring 38 x 68 cm or 14.5 by 27.5 inches. The mats lay lengthwise towards the centre of the pool and easily connect using the pins included in the package.
  • One pack of ten net rings measuring 37 x 64 cm or 14.5 by 25 inches for smaller ponds.

Individual packs of both the mats or the rings will cover a distance of 3.5 linear metres ( 11 feet) of pond perimeter.

Regardless of the size of your garden pond, Netfloat pond netting is the perfect heron deterrent and will keep your fish safe from predators while maintaining the beauty of your water garden.  Pond fish can be an expensive investment, keep them safe from predators in a convenient and cost-effective way.