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Pond nets specifically designed to deter herons

Pond nets specifically designed to deter herons

If you are one of the millions of people or families across the UK who enjoys the benefits of a garden pond in your garden then you are already aware of the hassle and expense caused by herons. Almost as soon as you have your garden pond filled with beautiful Koi and exotic Goldfish the Herons move in and feast on them. If you are new to garden ponds, you will soon learn that trying to deter herons can be an effort in futility, at least, until now.  

  • Herons eat the expensive fish that we buy to stock our garden ponds
  • Herons leave messy and unsanitary waste on the ground and in the pond
  • Herons leave the scraps of dead fish everywhere, attracting other unwanted predators and pests such as cats and rats
  • The Heron population is on the rise and garden ponds are the favourite feeding grounds for herons that have just left the nest
  • Herons are not easily dissuaded from feasting at your pond
  • Herons not only eat your fish, but very often pierce your pond liner leading to a slow leak which could empty your pond.

With more than 1.5 million sold, Netfloat net rings and net mats are the tried and proven heron deterrent for any size or shape of garden pond. Herons will land and then wade into shallow water to feed. Placing Netfloat netting around the inside perimeter of your garden pond is all it takes to deter the heron from feeding in your pond. It is also effective for other predators like cats.

Netfloat net rings and mats are made from durable black plastic. They are easy to remove and clean and are built to last for many years, even in adverse weather conditions. Extremely easy to install, Netfloat net rings and mats can be in your pond protecting it from heron in 15 minutes or less and almost anyone can install them. Cut outs can be made to allow growth of taller plant life and will not affect the natural ecosystem of your garden pond.

Netfloat net rings and mats will deter herons and keep your fish safe from heron attack for years to come without harming the heron or other predators. It will not become tangled or knotted and, unlike conventional pond netting, Netfloat netting does not have to be constantly checked for tautness. Netfloat netting is barely visible and will not ruin the look and beauty of your garden