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Netfloat | Fish Pond Netting – The Original Heron Deterrent

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Fish Pond Netting – The Original Heron Deterrent

Netfloat is the original heron deterrent ring, over 1.5 million have been sold in the UK alone. 
This high quality product is still manufactured in the UK.

New Improved Easy Fixing Netfloat Mats (See Details Page »)

Netfloat is a unique interlocking protection system made from black plastic that floats on top of your pond which protect your pond fish from predators such as Herons and Cats. Netfloat is less obtrusive than conventional pond netting and can be fitted to any shape fish pond. The Netfloat system works as an efficient deterrent protecting any Koi Carp or Goldfish from Heron attack! Netfloat can be cut or left out to allow pond plants such as Lilies to grow through and they can easily be removed and replaced for pond maintenance.

Why cover your complete pond with netting?

The Netfloat fish protection system covers the edge of your pond leaving the centre free - unlike conventional netting.
One set of net mats can be fitted in less than 15 mins and can be easily removed for pond maintenance if required.

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  • The pond in the image above has netfloat around the circumference.
  • Unobtrusive in pond.
  • Can be cut out for plant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits any shaped pond.